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Most of the time, support has to do with finding the right information, therefore we provide you with an open access to a lot of information on our download zone. And if you still didn't find your answer, you're welcome to send us your question by email at info@solivi.be and we'll answer it most of the time within a few hours.

Specifically for Velbus

Although Velbus is a very stable an easy to manage home automation system and based on the resilient CANbus protocol, it is always possible that you might need support.

Most problems arise during the setup of the system, and it is 99% of the time related to a cabling issue. For the rest it is usually not really a problem but rather a need for a bit guidance on how to implement additional functions.

In general, most answers to questions can be found in the various guides and documents provided by Velbus (which you can also find in our download section). The Velbus FAQ on their website is also worthwhile checking (be aware that the Dutch version is the most complete one). And there is also a large user forum where some problems are exchanged between users (but the answers are not always the most efficient way to solve issues).

And finally you'll need maybe a professional to help you out. We provide the following support to our Velbus customers :

  • Short, quick inquiries that can be answered in less than 5 or 10 minutes are possible to be handled by phone every day (including weekends) between 10:00 and 22:00 hour CET (Brussels time zone GMT+01:00) free of charge for all our Velbus customers.
  • The same can be done through Email, where it is advised to send the vlp configuration file in attachment and making reference to the module address and channel. The intention is troubleshooting, not development.
  • For support that will take more time, we have our VMBTSI Telephone Support through Internet (paid service). Here we need to agree on a timing during business hours where we can access your With Chrome Remote Desktop we can get on your PC which should be connected to the Velbus configuration. This way it is possible for you to follow what we do on your system, and we can communicate through the smartphone at the same time.


There are standard training sessions available for the various products that we support and at different levels (Installer, Electrician, DIY-person, End-user).

  • For SOLIVI products :
    • SDAUPSA Redundant Power Supply
    • ABF3CH Universal DC motor control
    • SDAVGS Automated Curtain System
    • VMBVOX Voice Command System