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My main concern is about energy, how does Velbus handles this ?

  • We can measure consumption as well as injection in real time
  • By using this information, it is possible take actions on specific trigger levels
  • You define a few trigger levels, eg
    • which level of consumption is your (minimal) low level
    • which level of consumption is your normal level
    • which level of consumption is your peak level
  • Then we assign a color to each level eg :
    • white when below the low level
    • green when below the normal level
    • orange when close to the peak level
    • red when above the peak level
  • These color visual aids are then shown on one of the sides of the OLED display


  • In doing so, it is very easy to follow the energy evolution, and you can decide to start or delay a particular action, eg de washing machine.
  • On top of that, it is possible to have the home automation to take some actions automatically, such as allowing to charge the EV as long as you're not in the orange field.
  • The energy savings make the investment quickly pay off

Is it not much more expensive than a traditional electricity installation ?

  • if you compare comparable configurations, then it is nearly the same
  • what happens is that one adds more features, and therefore there is an extra price tag
  • There is slightly longer cabling (each circuit goes to a central point)
  • However, it is simpler since there is always a point-to-central system
  • It provides much more flexibility if something needs to be changed later, everything is done in the cabinet
  • There is no comparison based on comfort, flexibility and sustainability for the future
  • The energy savings make the investment quickly pay off
  • Temperature control allows you to save 6% energy for every 1°C reduction

Why not just use contactors ?

  • This is more expensive than our relays
  • There is then no intelligence/functionality
  • There is no flexibility afterwards
  • Dimming is also not possible

Do we really need it?

  • On the one hand, it brings comfort
  • On the other hand, it saves you energy
  • Ultimately, it opens up future perspectives
  • The value of your property increases by more than the price of the home automation

Isn't it going to be too complex?

  • Operating a switch remains the same
  • A panel with text above the switch becomes simpler
  • Directly controlling your consumer with a mouse or finger becomes really cool
  • if you can manage your smartphone, use your PC etc then you´re already well beyond home automation complexity
  • the Velbus logic has 3 components :
    • an initiator : eg a switch
    • a subject : eg a light bulb
    • an action : eg ON or OFF
    • the initiator gives an action to the subject, it is as simple as that
    • in the example : when the switch is closed, put the light ON

Do we have to program?

  • You can't really call it programming, it's more about configuring, selecting a switch with the mouse, then a relay channel, and finally making a choice from a drop-down list of functions that the switch should give as a command to the relay channel
  • Nothing has to be done, everything is possible
  • If you want to control your home automation yourself, you can do it perfectly with the user-friendly software that comes with it
  • If you want, we can take care of the configuration and you can then only make changes yourself or continue to rely on us
  • You can also limit yourself to the Home Center

Do we have to have someone come over every time to make a change?

  • No, if you want to use the application yourself
  • No, if you give us your configuration file with the requested change (can be done via email), then we will do it and explain step by step the actions that need to be taken so that you can do it yourself in the future
  • Yes, if you don't have an internet connection and/or haven't made your home automation system accessible to us
  • If we can log in to your system, then changes can be made remotely (you only give us access for the duration that we need to work on your system)
  • The first time is free, then we apply our hourly rate

Can our electrician install it?

  • Of course, he can set up the entire system or ask us to prepare the home automation cabinet completely
  • Your electrician can also perform any necessary wiring and connect the system to your existing electrical system.
  • We can also provide training and support for your electrician to ensure a successful installation.
  • In some cases, your electrician may need to work with a certified installer for certain parts of the installation, such as programming and configuring the system.
  • Overall, working with your electrician can ensure a smooth and efficient installation process.

Can we install it ourselves?

  • Yes, as long as you have a minimum of technical skills
  • We will also provide you with a number of guidelines
  • If desired, you can have full documentation with all the details of your installation

What happens if the central unit becomes defective?

  • There is no central unit (this is the number one advantage of the system, it is decentralized)
  • If one element becomes defective, only the circuits that are connected to it will not function until it is repaired

  • One of the most important aspects of the Velbus home automation is its topology, which is based on a distributed approach for all its critical components.

    It adds some non-critical elements to it, creating a hybrid configuration for enhanced comfort.

    Have a look at the short video if you want to see how Velbus has taken the best of both worlds between centralized and decentralized approaches.

  • The only single point of failure (SPOF) is the low voltage power supply, but we have developed a backup system that will also capture this element without any problems

Can I also control DMX512 devices with your system?

  • Yes, as long as you use the right interface (this depends on your DMX device)
  • Give us your question and we will give you a solution

Is Home Automation secure?

  • the Velbus system works on a BUS system that is not directly connected nor accessible through the internet
  • you need a gateway such as our Home Center which is linked to your LAN and WAN through several layers of security, with user accounts and individual passwords
  • the system access is as secure as you want, you can even setup a VPN tunnel

Does my computer have to be on all the time?

  • No, the home automation system works without a computer
  • You only need a computer to configure (although it can also be done without, but that is cumbersome and unclear)
  • If you use the graphical interactive Home Center, you can do it in 2 ways:
    • Control via your smartphone/tablet or PC (Android, IoS, Windows).
    • A fixed mounted touch-screen PC that is permanently on and running one client software or simply an html5 browser

Can LED strips be controlled by this system?

  • Yes, both monochrome, bi-chromatic and RGB LED strips
  • In addition, 12V and 24V versions can be controlled
  • Switching and dimming is possible

Can LED lamps be controlled by this system?

  • Yes, both voltage-controlled and current-controlled LEDs
  • In addition, all 0/1-10V systems can be controlled
  • Switching and dimming is possible

Can LED lamps be dimmed?

  • This depends on the type of LED lamps, it is not always easy to determine based on specifications. A test is always recommended before purchasing a quantity.
  • For low-voltage lamps that were designed to be dimmed via PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), this will work
  • For high-voltage lamps (230V), they must also be designed to be dimmed, and then a test must be performed because there are different systems to dim (Leading-Trailing edge), in addition, dimming of this type of LED lamps is more limited than for current-controlled LED lamps.

Can the system also manage Audio, Video, Multimedia?

  • Yes, the basic system can do this to a limited extent (mainly on/off functions)
  • We have a fully Velbus-integrated multi-zone system that works on practically every source and amplifier (= fully brand-independent) - You can also apply source selection in every room (= fully matrix system)
  • With the Home Center system, SONOS can be controlled on the switches with OLED screen
  • Furthermore, it is possible to control any IR-controlled audio/video device via Velbus (this needs to be studied in detail)

Can we enjoy the REG bonus for home automation?

  • Be careful with bonuses, there are often very strict and temporary rules in effect
  • Yes, as these rules are determined, on the condition that you provide the following functions:
    • An "all-off" function for unwanted energy users (this does not mean everything has to be off!)
    • a multi-zone heating control
    • a 3rd temperature level (= a standby mode between night and comfort)
  • You apply for the REG bonus at EANDIS on http://www.eandis.be/eandis/klant/k_welke_premies.htm (check if this is still valid)

Can I control the home automation system with an IR remote control?

  • Yes, each button with OLED panel has an IR receiver
  • With a universal IR remote control, you can control both your home automation and other devices
  • If you place a panel/IR receiver at your audio media center, you can call up scenes simultaneously without having to take any additional action
  • In addition, the Velbus IR receiver is included in the Logitech database, so you can assign any channel to a button on the Logitech remote control. As soon as that button is pressed, Velbus actions can be performed. The Logitech buttons then act like any switch of your Velbus installation.

Can I control the home automation system with an RF remote control?

  • Yes, if your RF system can also send IR commands, often the RF receiver sends out an IR for command receiving
  • With a universal RF/IR remote control, you can control both your home automation and other devices
  • If you place a panel/IR receiver at your audio media center, you can call up scenes simultaneously without having to take any additional action

Is the system also controllable via smartphone?

  • Yes, if you have Home Center, you can control your Velbus system with an html5 browser, the html5 page can be perfectly set as a shortcut icon on the home screen, so an app is no longer really necessary.


  • For Apple, there is an app available if desired instead of using an html5 browser
  • For basic configuration, software is needed that can be downloaded from our website.

Can I have a graphical overview of my house?

  • Yes, if you have the Home Center application, you can see the full real-time status of your installation


  • You can use your own background (create your own jpg file with for example Google Sketchup even in 3D) and place the different buttons, contacts, lights etc. on it that will then light up according to their on/off state


How do I compare Velbus to other systems?

  • This is a very extensive field: you should at least compare apples with apples
  • Price/performance, Velbus cannot be beaten
  • Velbus is a fully open system with all options and functions that a home automation system should have
  • Velbus is fully designed in Belgium and produced in Europe according to Belgian quality standards
  • Velbus uses the extremely robust CANbus system for communication between the modules, this, together with the absence of a central unit, is an extremely important element for the reliable operation of the system
  • The Velbus development team is always attentive to user needs and questions, resulting in new products constantly being added to the range
  • There is an extensive user forum where users can ask questions to other users as well as to the Velbus development team

I would like a KNX system because of the wide range of brand-independent modules.

  • KNX indeed has a very nice marketing slogan, but the different brands do not understand each other and in addition, these different companies are not open to giving their engineering information to their competitors (with KNX you only have a guarantee of a working system if you stay with the same manufacturer) - this is also somewhat the case with DALI
  • What systems/modules were you thinking of? Who says they are not perfectly compatible with Velbus (at an extremely competitive price and with ease)?

Your question is not among those?

  • Ask them by email to velbus@solivi.be and we will answer them within 4 hours
  • We are confident that we can perfectly fulfill your home automation needs with Velbus.