We would like to share some achievements we are particularly proud of with you. We carried out the design and wiring of the cabinets. The wired cabinets were hung on site by our electrician and the installations were operational in half a day.

In addition to that, we have of course also successfully carried out Velbus projects with self-installers and partners in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, and even with customers who have extended their property with Velbus in Curaçao, California, and New Jersey.

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Belgium - Flemish Brabant:

SOLIVI building (built 2003)

  • Full lighting and switched sockets
  • Building and warehouse alarm
  • Access control
  • Email notifications for alarm and access control
  • Surveillance cameras with alarm on motion detection in designated zone
  • SONOS integration
  • Air conditioning and central heating controlled by home automation
  • Remote management through smartphone/tablet

Farm style house (built 1986):

During a thorough renovation in 2017, the opportunity was taken to install the Velbus system and have it control as much as possible.

  • The full lighting was migrated to LED lighting
  • Each window was fitted with electric folding curtains
  • Central heating is controlled by Velbus
  • The SONOS audio system was integrated in the configuration
  • Pool facilities powered by green energy:
    • Heat pump only powered when surplus PV energy is available, keeping the water temperature from mid-April to mid-September at 30°C without using any energy from the grid
    • Filter installation controlled by a frequency-controlled circulation pump via a 0-10V, also controlled by intelligent logic, so it doesn't have to take energy from the grid
    • Pool shutter also controlled by Velbus
  • Garden irrigation in 7 circuits automated to the right level based on input generated by the weather station (rainfall, sunshine, temperature)
  • Garden lighting also optimized according to light and building occupation
  • Chicken hatch opens and closes according to light intensity to prevent attacks by martens and foxes
  • The whole system is also fully remotely manageable

Semi-detached building (built 2020)

  • Full Velbus configuration single-family home
  • Energy control according to photovoltaic panel output
  • Central heating control
  • Velbus alarm system implemented
  • Manageable remotely

Luxury villa (built 2022)

  • Full Velbus configuration
  • LED lighting with both voltage-controlled and current-controlled dimmers
  • Meteorological station for lighting control
  • Pool shutter control
  • Energy meter with intelligent control for charging EV (electric vehicles)
  • Alarm with multiple triggers (burglary, water, frost, fire) with email notification
  • Access control
  • Generation of histograms for different energy sources and consumers
  • Manageable remotely (Apple smartphone/tablet)

France - Grimaud

Luxury villa (built 2015)

  • Full Velbus configuration
  • Touchscreen control
  • Access control
  • Multiroom 7-zone matrix audio distribution with volume control per zone
  • Camera surveillance
  • Configurable remotely.

France - Sainte Maxime

Four-fold Luxury Villa Complex (built 2019)

  • Full Velbus configuration
  • Access control (Garden, 9 Garage boxes, Hallway/Stairs/Elevator)
  • Common areas