SOLIVI is a division of BCS bv that started in 2000 with sound and light for events, using extensive technical knowledge in computers, networks, electricity, and electronics.

Over time, this activity was expanded to include audio and video and with own developments in LED technology and custom solutions.

With the construction of our new building, we implemented home automation. The choice for Velbus was made based on our experience in high availability for computer systems, where a distributed topology without a central unit was a clear preference.

Meanwhile, a shift in activity occurred several years ago, away from the entertainment sector towards home automation, which has become the main activity today, along with LED lighting. As a result, our knowledge and collaboration with Velbus has grown so much that we were closely involved in testing and providing feedback on various products before they were released on the market. We even played a role in the development of products that are actually included in the standard range.

We have also developed some products in our own research and development that complement the range.

Thanks to the gathered knowledge and expertise and enthusiasm about what we've achieved with our customers, we're able to build solutions using all the tools and building blocks that we have in our portfolio and on the market. We don't take no for an answer.

Our customer base covers several countries in Europe, where we're proud to be able to provide solutions that are seamlessly rolled out by our customers with our remote support approach, and this for home automation professionals as well as for end-users which want to stay in full control and cover their project from A to Z. The customer defines how far he wants to go and with whom he wants to implement his project.

Customer satisfaction is our first concern, and as we make this happen, it is possible to offer our telephone support 7/7 between 10am and 10pm for free to our Velbus customers.