Is it really a problem ... did you read the documentation, save yourself some time by checking the installation manual before digging into the procedures explained below. Most of the time you'll find the solution, but if afterwards you're still in trouble, then this section might help you out.

You can download the Troubleshooting Guide from our downloads section, but the latest version will be available on the Velbus website

Interesting might also be to have a look at the Velbus Installation Guide, also available on our support section as well as on the Velbus website

And last but not least, there is also the FAQ on the Velbus website, but be aware that the versions on the 3 languages (NL, FR, EN) are not exact translations, it is therefore recommended (if you don't find your answer) to have a look in the other languages as well. It is very easy to use translation facilities on the internet if you're not comfortable with the other languages.