We have a number of items that can go away for really ridiculous prices. You can even bid on it, as long as you don't make it too ridiculous.

Most items are in a very good shape, sometimes even still packed and in new condition.

For any purchase of these goods for a minimal amount of 150 Euros you'll get a surprise !

  • Overstock = goods in new state but that we want to get off our warehouse
  • Demo materials = what it says, this is new equipment, but without packaging. These goods have been unused in our demo room, but have to make room as well.
  • Entertainment = everything that we still have in our warehouse for the entertainment business :
    • Sound = a number of mixing tables, players, loudspeakers
    • Light = a set of LED pars, LED floors, LED matrix, LED tubes, powerfull moving head wash and much more
    • Rigging = many clamps, steels, ALP lifts, shackles etc
    • Cabling = looms, multicable, signal cable, dmx cable, socapex cables, power cable and many components to build new ones, including cable drums
    • Transport = flight cases