Our major objective is to conduct a home automation project to the entire satisfaction of our customer. Therefore it is utmost important to have a perfect understanding of customer needs so that we can correctly advise on what is needed at the technical level in order to satisfy the demand. Once this is clear, it is important to have a well structured way to guide the implementation phase of the project, and for this we have several tools to support us.

In the first place our Checklist that will be used to ensure that nothing is overlooked during the meeting with the customer. More detail is available in our Roadmap.

Secondly we use all the data gathered during the meeting as input into our Capacity Planner. Our Capacity Planner is the essential tool for managing and optimizing the configuration, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of the Velbus system. It helps to ensure that the system has the necessary resources and capacity to meet the user demands.

With all the data on hand, the detailed Design can start, followed by the physical part : assembling the cabinets, pre-programming everything, labeling and documenting so that the on-site installation becomes a plug-and-play type of activity with no surprises.

This way of working allows us already for years to deliver flawless configurations to DIY customers in Belgium and across Europe.

Here you can view the detailed service description.

This are the design drawings of both cabinets


And these are the documents needed for the certification