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This is an app for smartphones that allows users which want to be able to control a limited number of Velbus relays, but don't have a Home Center. The app only needs to pick up the module's WiFi signal to communicate with it, therefore it doesn't need internet access, which is an advantage at the security level as well as the non-dependence of cloud partners such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The prime characteristics are :

  • Android app (sorry, but Apple makes it so difficult for developers that we decided not to pursue in this direction)
  • no internet access needed, only LAN or even only access to the module's own WiFi server
  • allows to command 16 Velbus relay contacts
  • can receive its commands through the buttons on the app or through speech
  • the app confirms the commands with spoken feedback in most traditional languages
  • the spoken command can be fully customized by the user, there is no limit in what kind of sound/slang is linked to a particular button
  • the user can set all parameters, such as IP address, label for buttons, language for feedback, and the spoken text he wants to be associated to trigger the button (just speaking 3 times the command and the system will compare against it to trigger the associated button)
  • associate any label to a button (this label will be spoken in the selected language when pressed)

With these objectives in mind, we developed an app for Android (sorry Apple users, but Apple makes it so difficult for developers that we decided to leave it like that). Apple users till can do the same (and more) with Home Center of course.

Actually the basics are working, but we're further investigating in a few functions that still needs to be developed as well as memory optimization so that we can store more than 3 trial spoken commands per button.