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Alarm with Velbus

If you're someone who values convenience and wants a comprehensive security system for your home, the Velbus home automation system offers an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

With this system, you can have an alarm that not only detects intrusion but also alerts you to other potentially dangerous situations like fires, floods, and frost. And in addition, in real-time, you'll be notified through an SMS or email.

One of the best things about this system is that it doesn't require a complicated setup or installation. With only one VMB4RYLD relay and an input module with a channel per detector, you can easily and affordably have an alarm that's far more comprehensive than other non-integrated systems.

Another great feature of this system is that it can accommodate any tension-less detector. And, if you have a tension carrying detector, you can easily convert it to a tension-less one with an intermediate relay. Plus, with no limit to the number of detectors you can add to the system, you can cover your entire home and property.

The timings for this system are based on Incert alarm systems, which means that you can be confident that it meets the highest industry standards for alarm systems. And, with a separate battery for the siren and flash, automatic battery charge, and fail-safe arming, you can be sure that your system is always operational and ready to respond in case of an emergency.

Each detector can be set to trigger the alarm immediately or with a delay, and you can also inhibit any detector as needed. And, if you only want to be notified of specific alarms, like a frost alarm, you can configure the system to send you an SMS or email for those alarms only. Temperature sensing can be done through your existing VMBGPxxx/VMBELxxx built-in temperature sensors.

Finally you have full control and monitoring through VMBGPxxx/VMBELxxx and Home Center. You can be sure that your alarm system is fully integrated with your Velbus home automation system and stays under your complete control.


  • Based on standard Velbus modules
  • No limit to the number of detectors
  • Any tension-less detector can be used (Any other tension carrying can be converted to a tension-less with an intermediate relay)
  • Timings based on Incert alarm systems
  • Separate battery for siren and flash
  • Automatic battery charge
  • Each detector can be set to trigger the alarm immediately or delayed
  • Each detector can be inhibited as needed
  • Selective alarms can be configured only for SMS and/or email warning (eg t° frost alarm)
  • Fail-safe arming of the alarm (all active non-delayed detectors should be idle)
  • Temperature sensing through VMBGPxxx/VMBELxxx built-in temperature sensors
  • Full control and monitoring through VMBGPxxx/VMBELxxx and Home Center
  • SMS and/or email realtime warning through Home Center


Category Nature Value
Input detection (tension-less) Direct detection VMB7IN 1 channel / detector
Delayed detection VMB7IN 1 channel / detector
Temperature alarm VMBGPxxx/VMBELxxx t° sensor
Input detection (tension carrying) Convert to tension-less auxiliary relay
Input timings Arm alarm 3 sec
Dis-Arm alarm 3 sec
Direct trigger 0 sec
Delayed trigger 19 sec
Output timings Pre-alarm warning buzzer during delayed trigger timing
Alarm trigger (horn) as long as detectors are triggered
Alarm trigger runout (horn) 2 min after last trigger detected
Alarm trigger (flash) stays on until manual reset
Alarm trigger (SMS / email) once at start of detection
Detectors PIR-sensors Velbus can switch between normal/alarm
PIR-sensors SOLIVI power-fed from the bus
Temp-sensors VMBGPxxx or VMBELxxx t° sensor
Other sensors convert to tension-less output

See here a graphical representation of the timings :



The concept and functions can be seen here :



And here are examples how buttons could be looking :


And here is the setup of Velbus actions :

The VMB4RYLD is the only relay used to perform nearly all actions

It activates :

  • the buzzer
  • the siren
  • the flash
  • the logic for alarm trigger detection
  • the logic to define the status Armed or Dis-Armed

The VMB4PD is only mentioned for backwards compatibility

Best is to put the alarm related buttons on the second page, so that it remains hidden for the unknown/unwanted visitor

The OLED pushbutton display handles most commands, such as :

  • Arming : usually with a long-press to avoid false triggering
  • Dis-Arming : this stops the alarm but doesn't clear the flash status
  • Flash : manually turn off the flash
  • Disable detectors : in case of malfunction of a detector (toggle)

The VMB7IN is used to capture the detector triggers.

  • Delayed detectors : these allow to move in- or out of the alarm perimeter so that the alarm can be armed or dis-armed without triggering the siren. These delayed detectors are suppressed during 19 seconds
  • Direc detectors : these will immediately trigger the alarm siren if movement is detected and the alarm was armed
  • Any trigger device can be used as direct or delayed detector
  • If a keypad is used, its status can be used to arm or dis-arm the alarm